NAIDOC Week 2017 Deniliquin High School

NAIDOC Week celebrations were held at Deniliquin High School on Wednesday 19 July.

Mrs Kirk assisted Indigenous students to prepare and cook traditional bush tucker. The food was provided to the whole school at recess. The food included: Jonny cakes with a variety of jams (quandong, lilli pilli, rosella and lime marmalade) wattle seed and chocolate chip cookies, lemon myrtle biscuits and kangaroo meatballs. Reigan Wilson and Darcy Grant cooked the Jonny cakes.

NaokaBilliJoBella Prep

Leilani Smith did the Acknowledgement of Country to kick off the assembly. Mr Warren spoke about NAIDOC Week and the theme for this year being traditional languages. Bella Hammond, Naoka Owen and Billi-Jo Austin travelled to Griffith in Term 1 to learn a traditional dance and they performed this at the assembly.

Yarkuwa Indigenous Knowledge Centre provided the school with a copy of the Indigenous Short Films from the National Film Archive; these films were shown at lunchtime.

Story contributed by Glen Warren from Deniliquin High School. Published in 2017.